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Early Childhood Education and Training Program

Resources for Day Care Providers

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Handouts, Links and Resources from Early Childhood Webcasts
Interactive Features
Art and activity area planning tool  

Medication Administration Training
(MAT) tri-fold brochure (PDF format)

MAT tri-fold brochure in PDF format

¿Qué es Administración de Medicamento (MAT)? (PDF format)

¿Qué es MAT? (PDF)
Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) Information
from the SKIPPER Initiative (PDF Format)
Shaken Baby Syndrome SBS information in PDF format    
OCFS Approved Distance Learning Courses

Making Art Boxes

Making a Plexiglas Easel

"The Turkey Song" by Peter Stewart Recipe: Crepe Paper "Play" Dough
Piggyback Songs Handwashing Song Lyrics
10 Ways to Make Your Child a Healthier Eater
(PDF format)
8.5"x11" Poster
The ABC's of Teaching Kids Who Have A.D.D.
(PDF format)
8.5"x11" Poster
by Laurie Hagberg
T is for Toddler
(PDF format)
8.5"x11" Poster
Crying! What can I do?
(PDF format)
8.5"x11" Poster
A Hands-on Approach to Nurturing the Parent Partnership
(PDF format)
8.5"x11" Poster
by Edna Wallace
Storytime: Important Elements to Remember When Telling Stories
(PDF format)
8.5"x11" Poster
It's Up To You To Help Keep NYC’S Children Safe
(PDF format)
8.5"x11" Poster
Jennifer Birckmayer’s Book Recommendations
and Lyrics from Peter Stewart’s songs from the
041404 webcast training
Talking with children about the earthquake in Haiti
Guidance for Caregivers: Children or Teens who Had a Loved One Die in the Earthquake (PDF format)
Tips for Parents on Media Coverage of the Earthquake (PDF format)
Parent Guidelines for Helping Children after an Earthquake (PDF format)
Guidance for School Personnel: Students who Had a Loved One Die in the Earthquake (PDF format)
Teacher Guidelines for Helping Students after an Earthquake (PDF format)
Web Links
New York State New York State Office of Children and Family Services
http://www.recalls.gov/ Talking With Children about Tragedy
A Penny Saved - Instructions to Build a Forward Facing Bookshelf A Penny Saved- Instructions to Build a Water Table
A Penny Saved- Instructions for a Bookshelf EIP Pre-approved Distance Learning Courses