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Early Childhood Education and Training Program

Educational Incentive Program: Coaching

About Coaching

Coaching is designed to help child care providers improve the overall quality of their programs. Child care providers work with a coach to develop a strength-based effective coaching plan that addresses areas for learning and program improvement. Coaching can also be used to support the implementation of new practices in a child care program.

Coaching time frames vary depending on the individual and the needs of the program. In general, providers and coaches meet either once or twice a week. The majority of coaching programs last for less than one year.

Coaching programs are most successful when combined with classroom trainings that are related to the specific skills that are being addressed. To support this practice, EIP coaching participants will be eligible for scholarships for coaching hours in addition to scholarships for classroom training hours.

Coaching hours can be used towards the 30 hour regulatory training requirement. Questions about this should be directed to your Licensor or Registrar at the New York State Office of Children and Family Services.

The Coaching Process

Individuals who hold the NYS Training and Technical Assistance Professional Coach designation (T-TAP Coach) issued by the New York Association for the Education of Young Children (NYAEYC) and/or the Pyramid Model Practice Based Coaching endorsement are currently eligible to participate with EIP to provide coaching. Visit our T-TAP coaches page to see a list of participating coaches. The child care provider will contact an approved coach to schedule an initial assessment meeting. At this meeting the coach and coachee (child care provider) will determine a common understanding of the child care program and to develop a strength-based, effective coaching plan that addresses areas for learning and program improvement. During this meeting the coachee prioritizes their initial goals and actions, with the understanding that adjustments to the plan may be necessary.

The coach will write a coaching plan based on the initial meeting and provide a copy to the coachee. The plan should include a start and end date of the coaching cycle, the coachee's name, number of hours, the cost, OCFS topic areas & Core Body Knowledge (CBK) areas to be covered, and the coachee directed goals to be accomplished.

The coachee will then apply for EIP funding. The coachee will submit a copy of the coaching plan with their application.

At the end of the coaching cycle, the coach will provide the coachee a Coaching Participation Certificate which will contain the coach name, coachee name, start and end date of the cycle, total number of hours, and OCFS & CBK topics covered and number of hours in each topic.

Scholarship Eligibility

Coaching scholarship eligibility will be determined using the same guidelines used for all EIP scholarships. Scholarships for coaching taken with an approved coach will be issued at a rate of up to $55 per coaching hour. The maximum amount is $1,100 per year. EIP may also pay up to $700 for training, conferences, or workshops for a combined maximum of $1,800. An individual can receive a maximum of $2,500 in combined coaching and credentialed training.

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