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Early Childhood Education and Training Program

Art Area Planning Tool

It is common to have more than one activity center in a room at your program. Using this interactive tool will help you visualize how a center will look before you move heavy furniture around. Using this tool is easy:

  1. Click any object (ie. Rug, table, door) and hold down your left mouse button.
  2. Continue to hold down the left mouse button while moving the object to it’s desired location on the grid.
  3. Once the object is in the grid area it can still be moved using the same process.
  4. If you do not like the way the layout turned out or need to start over hit the “reset” button in the lower right hand corner.


If you are happy with the layout of the art/activity centers you may print it out by clicking the print button on the lower right corner.

To use this interactive feature it is recommended that you have Flash Player 7 or higher.