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Early Childhood Education and Training Program

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E-learning trainings are a convenient way for all child care providers in New York State to meet their required training hours at no cost.

What types of scholarships, grants and rebates can I apply for?

Funding is available to help child care providers obtain professional development and education, to help facilities offset the cost of MAT training and to help offset the cost of Health and Safety training for new providers.

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Videoconference training allows you to learn from experts and other child care providers while networking and sharing your experience with other professionals.

What's New?

May 23, 2014

Author Study: Mo Willems. Join us on the evening of June 19, 2014, for the videoconference titled "Author Study: Mo Willems". During this informative training, experts in the field will discuss the importance of helping young children develop early literacy skills in the areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing. We will introduce you to characters and illustration techniques used throughout the works of children's author Mo Willems. We will also provide you with the opportunity to see young children engaged in activities throughout different learning areas based on one of Willems' books. It's going to be packed with information that you're not going to want to miss, so register today by visiting the link above.

Apr 23, 2014

Infant Feeding Practices in Child Care Settings. Infants depend on the adults in their lives to provide them with a safe, healthy environment where they can explore, develop and grow. This includes providing them with adequate nutrition, whether they are formula fed, breast fed, or being introduced to solid foods. To give you some ideas about the nutritional needs for infants we will be presenting our next Videoconference of the 2014 series, "Infant Feeding Practices in Child Care Settings" on the evening of Thursday, May 22, 2014. Join us for this informative training where experts in the field will discuss how to provide a supportive environment for infant feeding and regulations that address this important topic. It's going to be packed with information that you're not going to want to miss, so be sure to register today.

Apr 22, 2014

Safe Sleep for Your Baby. The New York State Office of Children and Family Services, in partnership with the Children and Family Trust Fund, recently developed a video titled "Safe Sleep for Your Baby." This video promotes safe sleeping practices for families with infants and young children. We encourage you to share this video with the families you serve. This video is part of a continuing OCFS initiative to reduce child fatalities where unsafe sleeping conditions are a factor. The video is available on the OCFS YouTube page or on the OCFS website. or We encourage you to visit either location, and bookmark the video for future use. Your commitment to promoting the wellbeing of New York State's youngest children is appreciated. It is our hope that you will make every effort to participate in this initiative.

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