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Early Childhood Education and Training Program

Take ECETP E-learning courses online

E-learning trainings are a convenient way for all child care providers in New York State to meet their required training hours at no cost.

What types of scholarships, grants and rebates can I apply for?

Funding is available to help child care providers obtain professional development and education, to help facilities offset the cost of MAT training and to help offset the cost of Health and Safety training for new providers.

Sign up for ECETP videoconferences

Videoconference training allows you to learn from experts and other child care providers while networking and sharing your experience with other professionals.

What's New?

Feb 25, 2014

The 2015 Early Childhood Videoconference training schedule is now open for registration.  

Feb 25, 2014

The 2015 Early Childhood videoconference training schedule is now available.  

Jan 26, 2015

Interested in becoming a Health and Safety Trainer? New Health and Safety TOT sessions have been added to the calendar. For information on how to apply, click the link above.

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